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Havajské masáže, Osobní poradenství, Duchovní léčení

Body, Mind & Spirit

  – brought together through Integrative healing –

We are not just the physical body as the western medicine want us to believe!!!

Not every problem is caused by blockages in our energy flow as eastern medicine suggest!!!

Only by balancing physical, energetic/emotional, and mental bodies with our spirit we can create:

Healthy Human Being


What do the clients say:

“Thanks to the sensitive hands, massages is very pleasant, relaxing and healing. Pavel is perfectly combining technique with intuition and always present where he is needed.  He has a magic hands :)”

– Martina –

“Pavel is very experienced and well trained, highly skilled and exceptionally gifted therapist who continues to deliver first class massages. You feel loved from the first to last moment. If you want to invest in yourself and start changing your life to better I highly recommend him! He can help you with anything you need.”

– L.J.K. –

“With past credentials as a technically proficient electrician man of sorts (excuse my ignorance), how can one fail but to be expertly cared for in the hands of this joyful healing presence? A humble space awaits nurturing and restoration time. The setting just by waterside Cobh town is like a storybook. There is a mood of simple care here, not always a simple thing to accomplish in our hectic complicated lives! … Having experienced both Pavel’s own brand of Quantum Healing and LomiLomi massage, I can say that this lad has many gifts to share. He also works with local (and further abroad, like in Cork city) groups, and is open to communicating his passion with those who are interested in working sincerely with him. Go raibh maith agat Guardian of Light, for keeping her lit in the southwest!”

– Pen Elopee –

“I have had many message before, but Pavel message has been my favourite. It was out of this word. I recommend.”

– K.N.-

What magic do I use?

Well, I use three types of work to create the balance: physical touch (massage), energy-consciousness (shamanic) work, guidance. But the most important is the sacred space I hold for my clients experience which invites into the space of deep harmony and allows profound healing to take place.

Conscious massage – Lomi Lomi

(works on physical, emotional & mental levels)


I use beautiful Hawaiian Lomi Lomi ritual to release body tension and energetic blockages and to bring you into state of deep relaxation and harmony.

Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi

Diamond Light Healing with Guidance

(works on physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels)

The Diamond Light healing is advanced energy-consciousness healing which creates shifts in our higher bodies (mental, spiritual) and allows for these shifts to manifest in our physical reality. Karmic clearing, spontaneous remission and profound insights are often results of this work.

Diamond Light Healing

    • Start your healing right now
    • Enjoy your life
    • Claim your spiritual power
    • Live without fear and pain
    • Let go of what is not working for you anymore
    • Become a master of your life
  • Yes, you can!!!


Pavel Haicman and his experience with massages and healing


Foto by: Jutta Panke

“The most important thing for Hawaiian massage as well as for any healing work is ability of the therapist to create safe space, step out of own ego and fully surrender to the process of massage and healing. What qualifies me for this work are not courses I have attended, but mainly intensive process of self-development which I am passing through during last few years.”

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  • Working with sacred plant medicines – 2010/2018
  • Diamond Light Healing – 2015
  • Energy orgasm – 2014 (Andrew Barnes, Prague)
  • Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioners Training2012 intimate healing massage and working with emotional blockages
  • The Body, Heart and Soul Training – 2010/2014 over 900hours of residential training in personal development, intimacy and sexuality (Alan Lowen, The Art of Being)
  • Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi – 2012
  • Reconnective healing I/II & The Reconnection III – 2012 (Eric Pearl, Amsterdam)
  • Reiki 1. & 2. level – 2009 (Master Regina O’Mahony, Ireland)
  • AromaTouch wih DoTerra
  • Masseur for sport and regenerative massages
  • Indian head massage

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