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Průvodce Žitím v Bytí

Pavel Haicman

Who am I? What do I believe in?

I believe in people, I believe that everybody has potential to get free of negativism, brake free from the rule of fear and start listening and following the voice of his heart.

I already realized as a child, that if I was born on the other side of the Earth into completely different family, it still would be me. And that my self is not tied to this earthly existence.

I am accepting different roles through this lifetime. I started as a son and brother, then I became a friend, student, engineer, colleague, and at the present the role of healer and teacher is calling me the most. But still it is me, my self which is connecting all these roles together. I read that we are spiritual beings who came to the Earth to learn from their earthly experiences. Today I know that I was here on Earth several times before, always bringing spiritual laws and wisdom with me, sometimes forgetting and falling into complete darkness which allowed me to learn valuable lessons. At the present it is the time for me to remember and bring out what I have learned and to share it with you through my life and work .


Few years ago, at my 35th birthday I realized that all my life is still ahead of me and it is only up to me how I am going to live it. I was quite surprised by this realization as from very childhood felt too old for everything. I have never understood what are other people still running after, what is there to gain, and I felt strange for not having this desire in me. During last few years I have discovered the magic of massages, touch, energy work and my ability to heal. I realized there is world, which cannot be seen, world which even latest science still cannot explain, and yet it is so palpable and available to everybody. Then for the first time in my life I could feel strong desire to go after something, to explore hidden principles of this world and to share my knowledge with you.

I went through following seminars and trainings on my journey:

  • Reiki level 1. & 2. (Master Regina O’Mahony, Irsko)
  • Reconnective healing level I/II – Quantum healing (Eric Pearl, Amsterdam)
  • Reconnective healing level III – The Reconnection (Eric Pearl, Amsterdam)
  • Body, Heart and Soul Training – participating and consequently assisting in personal development training, working with intimacy, sexuality, childhood traumas (Alan Lowen, The Art of Being, Germany).
  • Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioners Training (SSSPT) – training of intimate healing massage and working with emotional blockages (Baba Dez Nichols, Matt Sinbad, Martina Strečka, Czech Republic)
  • Massage trainings: Masseur for sport and regenerative massages, Indian head massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage
  • Energy orgasm (Andrew Barnes, Prague)

The most positive thing somebody told me

“Wow, I can remeber you … are you still alive!? Then be happy for every troubles you have!”

This told me a doctor whom I visited for an examination few years ago, when he realized that nearly 30 years ago he assisted during surgery where I got a Lymphoma removed from my body. I can add only one thing:

“Yes, I am still alive and after many years of surviving, I am finally starting to live and enjoying my life :)”

My history

  • I have been born in 1975  in zodiac of Virgo, with two rising signs Aquarius and Pisces.
  • I went through surgery and chemotherapy with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma when I was 10.
  • I gain master degree in electrical engineering at Technical University of Brno (2000).
  • I worked as instrumentation and electrical design engineer for 10 years.
  • I moved to Ireland in 2005 and I have lived here for nearly 8 years. I experienced what is it like to be unemployed, working as general operative on production line, and after a year I started working again as instrumentation and electrical design engineer on projects for food and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Since 2012 I fully devoted to my spiritual journey. Part of that was practicing body work, energy work, studying the effect of our consciousness to our health and physical reality of our lives.  I finished The Body, Heart and Soul training and consequently continued the following one in the assistant role. I lived few months in Spain, then returned to the Czech Republic offering massages and healing sessions, facilitating evenings workshops etc.
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