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Who is Pavel Haičman?

Pavel Haičman

10 years on the path of personal and spiritual development
Energy work:
Reiki I/II (2009/2010), The Reconnection I/II/III (2012),
Higher Light Healing & Harmonization (2014),
Diamond light (od 2015)
Tantric trainings (conscious touch, intimacy & sexuality) & personla development trainings:
Alan Lowen, Body, Heart & Soul 2010-2014 (cca 1000h).
Baba Dez Nichols, Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioners Training (2012)
Andrew Barnes, Energy orgasm (2014)
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Tantric massage.
Plant medicine – 2010-2018 intensive work with sacred plant medicine Kambo, San Pedro, Ayahusaca, Bufo Alvarius.
Channeling – Bashar, Kryon, Archangel Michael, Arcturians (2012-2017)
Literature – from New Age, Indigo children, Dolores Cannon, James Redfield, all from Don Miguel Ruiz, James Allen, all from OSHO, through Nietzsche up to Buddhas teaching and currently A.H.Almaas. (Diamond approach).
Teachers – OSHO, Budha, Adyashanti, E. Tolle, A.H.Almaas


Pavel was born in August 1975 in the sign of Virgo. Already at the age of 10, he first encountered death while fighting cancer. Fortunately, he won his fight, but at the time he had no idea how much the experience would cost him.

To survive what seemed almost impossible to doctors, he locked himself in a world of books, adventure novels, and sci-fi stories. This world offered solace and escape from a reality that was too unbearable for a little boy. Pavel won his fight against the disease, but the price was the loss of childhood, joy and spontaneity. Although he was still alive, something died in him. Cut off from the perception of his body and his feelings, he became an observer of life, instead of participating directly in it, so he watched people from an early age and in many cases did not understand why they were doing what they were doing. So many things didn’t make sense to him at all.

As life went on, Pavel graduated from college and began working as a designer. In 2005, he heard the voice of long-distance calls and traveled to Ireland to work and live there. Several years passed and Pavel had a good job, a decent income, and it would seem that he is perhaps a normal and successful member of this society. So if we consider it normal, that we go to work that we don’t like, we save to have without being able to enjoy the money we save, we still have little, no matter how rich our accounts are, and we try not to think about what sense does this all make. Yes, Pavel was a normal and successful young man in this regard.

Awakening time

Nevertheless, life has its ways of revealing its secrets to us, and in 2010 it seemed that Pavel was ready to wake up from his sleep. It started with the need for a massage, which was created as a result of long working hours behind the computer. Pavel thus discovered the magic of touch and the world of energies, which until then had been completely unknown to his pragmatic mind. He was also offered the opportunity to attend a ceremony with Ayahuasca, sacred plant medicine of South America. He initially rejected this possibility, he had no experience with consciousness-altering substances, yet. However, one day he surprised himself when he said yes, I will attend and set off for the whole weekend, where he attended 3 ceremonies. What Pavel experienced that weekend was a real initiation into the mysteries of life and mind. The knowledge that our mind completely affects our reality, the encounter with the intertwining and connecting principle of love, and the experience of pure reality without the filters of the mind.

The experience was so powerful, showing a completely different world behind the curtain of our patterns of behavior, that almost immediately he began to devote himself fully to learning about the world, the principles of the spiritual background of our reality, the mysteries of the human mind, and seeking ways to identify and eliminate everything what stands between us and the reality of the present in all its beauty.

Back to the body / Tantra in practice

The years 2010-2014 were marked by tantric cognition. Working with the body, intimacy and sexuality brought life and sensitivity back to Pavel’s body. It was at this time that he discovered the great influence he had on the people around him and discovered the healing energy flowing through his hands. Above all, completing tantric training taught Pavel to recognize and accept his feelings and to go through catharsis, which thus became the gateway to deeper levels of consciousness.

At the end of 2011, Pavel left his job as a designer in an Irish company and fully threw himself into the study of the mysteries of life. Massages, energy treatments, channelings and hundreds books of spiritual and esoteric literature completely engulfed him for several years.

The beginning of the end / to the depths of the unconscious with the strongest psychedelics on the planet

In the spring of 2015, Pavel again had the opportunity to work with Ayahuasca, this powerful teacher called him to prove his theoretical knowledge in practice. This was followed by 3 years of intensive work with psychedelics of South America. Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Kambo, Bufo Alvarius are powerful teachers, in their intense fire all theoretical knowledge that has no direct basis in our everyday reality has been reduced to ashes. It so happened that one day in 2018, the whole dream of spiritual life fell apart and only everyday reality remained. A reality that does not offer the possibility of escape and that must be humbly accepted and lived with as best as we can.

After this experience, after 7 years of spiritual seeking Pavel returned to normal work, and then back to the Czech Republic. After nearly 14 years his Irish “mission” was completed.

Pavel’s life changed dramatically. Now he no longer loses energy by fighting with life, he knows that this fight cannot be won. He learned to work with life and take advantage of the opportunities it brings. Pavel’s reality is thus grounded and comes from the present moment. Life itself has become an adventure, a mystery that cannot be solved, still it can bo loved.

Ever since he awoke from the dream of spirituality, Pavel has been led to share his experiences with all who seek the meaning of life, more truth and authenticity, joy and well-being. Pavel wants to support on their journey all those who feel that they can live and experience on a much deeper level than what they dare now.


“We live in a world of mystery, miracles and beauty. Most people, however, live in this world only rarely and perceive rather a world that is associated mainly with effort, suffering and hopelessness. This situation is mainly due to the fact that we do not know our human potential and do not live to the fullest. The potential of man can be awakened by knowing and developing the human essence. This essence is our innate and true part and can engage in the real world. “

By A.H. Almaase from the Diamond Heart series


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