Diamond Light Healing

The Diamond Light Healing …

… I have been working with energies for years. I began with Reiki, few years later The Reconnection came into my life and changed it for good. But since very beginning I could feel that there is something bigger flowing through me, something what guided me on my journey into self-awareness and lately introduced me into the mysteries of life, Love and Universe itself. These things are inseparably connected. We cannot understand the World, Universe and God at large without knowing of self…

Few years ago when attending one seminar I said, that I am already half way through on my path to Knowing. Well, I went long way since and yet I am still half way through 🙂 . The world I am stepping into is growing bigger and more complex with every step I take. Yet at the same time it offers more opportunities, harmony, joy and beauty than ever before. My life, the way I see and experience world around me has in just 6 years changed from Black & White standard into Full HD with millions of colors. In those years I have received many gifts, some of which were just for me personally, but there are others which are meant to be shared. The last and so far biggest one is the possibility to channel Diamond Light Energies. Initiation into these energies is not result of any workshop, but of a challenging transformation time I have been through mainly last summer. Luckily, I had a good guidance and assistance of Kambo and Ayahuasca without which the process would be much more difficult.

So what are the Diamond Light energies about? 

Diamond Light energies represent a white flame which actually carries all colors of the spectrum. This flame opens heart and gets you to know unconditional love, feel the compassion and boost your creativity to high levels. This high frequency energy carries the Light codes and DNA updates for healing and discovery of our full potential.

Diamond light energies do not compromise, when their presence is allowed and called for there is no space left for darkness. In the presence of Diamond light we can see everything the way it really is, they set the mirror and show every imperfection.

Diamond represents beauty and perfection for those who know how to use it and it supports all beings that have chosen the path of Light. On the other side Diamond is hardest mineral on Earth and as such it represents cold and sharp power against everything and everybody who supports darkness.

Further aspects:
– Diamond releases energy blocks.
– Increase self-respect and self-love.
– Helps to understand out emotional obstacles.
– After cleansing with diamond you will shine and reach perfection through discovery of your highest potential. You will find inner peace and harmony.
– It can reflect negative emotions and energies coming your way and so increase your physical, mental and spiritual power
– It open space for new things to enter your life
– It slows down the aging process by increasing of your energy on many levels
– Italian word “Amante de Dio” means “the lover of God” which means that diamonds are getting us closer to the spiritual realms and divinity.


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