Offer, Offer Offer!!! Quantum healing – choose your price

No, this does not mean the healing is for free. Nothing is for free be cautious when somebody tells you otherwise. 😉

Some people think healing should be for free, it is gift from above. Well, we all have our gifts but many of them seems more like a curse before we learn what have we got and how to use it. And that usually cost a lot of energy, money, time & determination. So the truth is everything comes at price, even the most precious gifts, actually these are the most expensive ones.

When you become interested in energy and spirit world you discover that energy always flows. It is its natural state. You can see it in your relationships. When everything is ok emotions (energy in motion) freely flows. When somebody hurt us we close ourselves and limit the energy flow and troubles are coming and if we don’t clear these blocks, it might eventually manifest as physical health problems.

We all know saying: “I am not rich enough to buy cheap things.” It is the same for things for free, there is always some catch witch will finally cost you more energy than you ever anticipated.

How is this related to the cost of healing session?

Well this has two levels:

1)      Materialistic/logical – Western society is based on logical thinking and it has thought us that we have to pay a lot to get a lot. This is related mainly to buying overpriced superficial products without real value except that it allows economic growth of consumption oriented society. What we are getting out of this is deeply rooted believe that we cannot receive anything of value without paying value.

2)      Spiritual/intuitive – on soul level we all know that energy needs to flow, we share and exchange it between ourselves, there is no taking without giving and no giving without receiving

So when we come for healing session the cost of the healing affects us in following way. On materialistic as well as spiritual level we know that the healing must be of adequate price for our troubles. So when we suffer long time, spend a lot of money for doctors and drugs, all medical bills and related costs are hitting thousands of euro, then it is really difficult to imagine that healing session worth €25 will do much for us.

Sometimes we can beat our logical mind with its believes and go for the healing session anyway, well then it is about our soul which can see the real value of the healing yet it might not have any opportunity to exchange the same value (as the price is set and usually very low in comparison to possible gain) and then we can receive only as much as we can reciprocate.

In general we/our soul do not want to owe anything to anybody. And that is exactly what would happen if we receive healing for free, or for non-adequate price. As a result we go through many little exchanges trying different healing modalities which can have miraculous effect yet we can’t receive it and then it even seems like they do not work.

Well if we receive healing of €25/40/60 value how much do you think this value will project in our live?

Then we probably buy plane ticket to Amazonia stay there few months with local shamans, spend several thousand euro and we got good chance to receive the healing. 🙂

While I might be shaman I do not live in Amazonia. I provide Quantum healing sessions which is advanced energy/consciousness healing. And you can have your healing here and now (personally in Cobh, Ireland or as a distant healing anywhere you are).

Here comes my offer to you. You can choose your price for the healing.

(here you can find: short description of the healing by me, longer comprehensive explanation by Kryon)

Option 1 – session for standard price of €60

Option 2 – you decide how much you pay based on the value it brings into your life. If none, then none. That might happen as well. Yet, I got enough healing power at my disposal to bring you €10k value healing if that’s what you need and you are ready to receive that. You can pay immediately after the session or in following days/weeks as the effect manifest.