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Průvodce Žitím v Bytí

Guidance & Healing in Třebíč

Since December 2018 I am available for sessions in Třebíč.

Guidance and healing sessions are being done in private place.

What time am I available for sessions?

As I returned to full time job at the begining of this year, I am available for the session only in the evenings and weekends. Please contact me and we will arrange suitable time.

Sessions – lengths – cost

At the moment I am offering Guidance/Healing sessions which include the Diamond attunement.

The standard session lenght is 1,5-2hours and the cost of the session is 2800,- CZK (€115)

In the case you would be coming for consecutive session (up to 10 days from the first one the cost is 2400,- CZK (€95)

For serious seekers and people who feel like commiting to deeper work on rediscovering their hidden nature, healing and transforming their life. I am offering transformative package of  8 consecutive sesions at the cost of 12000,-CZK (480)

You can contact me on Facebook

or using the contact details shown on the top of this page.

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