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Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi Midleton / Cork

Lomi Lomi has been for centuries performed by master healers on Hawaii as a very powerful form of healing. While its healing potential is being little bit overlooked, more and more people are coming to enjoy this beautiful ritual for the sense of deep relaxation and harmony they gain throughout the session.

Do you love massages?

Then imagine how would it feel laying down on comfortable massage table, quiet music playing in the background while sensitive experienced hands start applying natural oil onto your skin and slowly working out through your muscles. Your body and mind immersing into complete relaxation, letting all worries and troubles far behind. After regaining your wholeness, you wake up feeling reborn with enough energy and inner peace to face whatever comes next…

Who is relaxing massage Lomi Lomi for?

  • Looking for a rest after challenging day?
  • Having tried more kinds of massages, but there was still something missing?
  • Looking for luxury way how to care for yourself?
  • Looking for a perfect gift to your beloved?

Lomi Lomi is for everybody who needs to relieve of body tension, everybody who is looking for deep relaxation and harmony. If you want to be treated with respect and love Lomi Lomi is what you are looking for.

Maybe it sounds like Lomi Lomi is mainly for women and some of you would not consider massage which is not painful to be a “proper massage”. Well I agree, deep painful massage is not what I am offering, and if you are willing to let go of your expectations, you will be very surprised how deeply relaxing and energizing effect this massage has. And gentlemen let’s admit, that is exactly what we want from a proper massage.

  • regain your life power
  • try something new
  • luxury treatment
  • perfect gift for your loved ones !!!

“Thanks to the sensitive hands, massages is very pleasant, relaxing and healing. Pavel is perfectly combining technique with intuition and always present where he is needed.  He has a magic hands :)”

– Martina –

“Pavel is very experienced and well trained, highly skilled and exceptionally gifted therapist who continues to deliver first class massages. You feel loved from the first to last moment. If you want to invest in yourself and start changing your life to better I highly recommend him! He can help you with anything you need.”

– L.J.K. –

“I have had many message before, but Pavel message has been my favourite. It was out of this word. I recommend.”

– K.N. –

How is Lomi Lomi massage done?

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi ritual which will take you into the state of deep relaxation. It is very suitable for the end of your business day or as a part of your free day. Relaxing massage should not be taken before business or any stressful activity.

In the massage I am using high quality natural oils. Massage is being done on naked body where all parts (except intimate areas) are being treated. Intimates parts are covered with sarong.

Please be aware that after the massage your hairstyle will be affected and your hairs might be oily.

For your comfort, please don’t eat at least 1 hour before massage.


How is Lomi Lomi different from other kinds of massages?

While most other massages are performed only by fingers and palms, and use specific techniques to work out your muscles inch by inch, in LomiLomi the technique is secondary and main focus is put on resuming an energy flow throughout the body.

For this I use not only fingers and palms but whole forearms and elbows and often work on more parts of your body at the same time. It is proved that our brain can fully follow senses only from one spot of our body, and working on more spots at the same time causes “overloading” of our brain and temporary “switching it off” which allows us to go into very deep state of relaxation.

LomiLomi is more than just a massage. It is a ritual of honoring all your being.

I don’t feel comfortable being naked during massage, but I would like to have this experience.

If you feel that your shyness won’t let you to fully enjoy this beautiful ritual in its full complexity, you can opt for partial back and legs massage. During partial massage I will focus on the specific areas and the rest of your body can be covered with towel. In this way the massage does not reach the depth and strength of full Lomi Lomi ritual, but it still offers a very strong relaxing effect.

This way you will be able to taste the Lomi Lomi and maybe next time you will be ready to enjoy its full beauty.

When is it better to postpone your massage session?
  • When you suffer from fever or infectious disease.
  • In the case of oncology disease and up to 3 months after you are being cured.
  • When you are being impaired by alcohol or through drugs.

If you suffer any chronic disease then it is best to consult suitability of the massage with your GP.

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes, of course. Massage is a perfect gift for your loved ones. Can be used for any opportunity through out the year such as, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays or just anytime you want to please somebody you care for.

Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi Třebíč

Délka, cena a variace masáže

Havajskou relaxační masáž Lomi Lomi provádím v délce:

  • Masáž celého těla 1,5 hodiny – 800 (600)* Kč
  • Masáž celého těla 2 hodiny – 1000 (750)* Kč
Pokud cítíte, že Vám stud nedovolí si tento nádherný rituál Lomi Lomi vychutnat v celé své komplexnosti, zvolte částečnou masáž zad a nohou, kde techniku Lomi Lomi zaměřuji specificky na konkrétní partie Vašeho těla podobně jako u klasické masáže. Tato masáž sice nedosahuje hloubky a síly plného rituálu Lomi Lomi, i přesto má také silný relaxační účinek.

Částečnou masáž zad a nohou provádím v následujících délkách:

  • Masáž zad 45 minut – 450 (300)* Kč
  • Masáž zad a nohou zezadu 60 minut – 600 (400)* Kč
  • Masáž zad a celých nohou 90 minut – 800 (600)* Kč

* Uvedené ceny jsou platné pro Prahu a ceny v závorkách pro služby poskytované v Třebíči.

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