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Personal quantum healing alias Higher Light Harmonization & Healing

Quantum healing works with the same efficiency over the distance as well as in personal meeting. Despite of that I highly recommend personal meeting for the first session. That allows me to explain the process to you, answer your questions and help you to receive maximum out of this healing. After you got your first personal experience with this work, it will be very easy for you to receive distant healing  anytime and anywhere you need it.

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Let’s drink together out of chalice of knowledge 🙂

Does it matter what practitioner do I choose?

Maybe you heard the saying “When two do the same, it is never the same.” I am sure you know many practical examples of this. The way you feel about your practitioner and your trust for him effects results of the session and in the field of energy/quantum healing this effect can be very significant. Well, there is one more aspect which is not being mentioned by many sources. This aspect is range of quantum information mediated by the practitioner and it depends on his personal/spiritual development and achieved level of awareness.

Each quantum healing has two components:

  • connection to your Higher Self and its informational database (basic part – each quantum healer can provide)
  • access to information through practitioners higher self (additional – yet, often critical part)

    There is a theory which says that we can split diseases into two categories. Curable and incurable. Curable are those whose solutions we carry in our aura (info field) and every practitioner can provide healing here. Incurable are those whose solutions lays out of our auric field, somewhere deeper in karmic layers, here the curability depends on the practitioner level of soul evolution which determines how far he can reach for the solutions.

    When we look into the theory of soul evolution, we will see that every one of us have different number of incarnations here on Earth or in another parts of the Universe and based on experiences we gained we say how old the soul is. So the age of the soul is not based upon number of incarnations but on quantity of life lessons we learned. The ability to draw information and wisdom then depends on our inner clarity and harmony. It means the more we work on ourselves, clear traumas of this and past lives the more information we have available to share through our aura / quantum informational field. This is the factor we all bring into our lives, factor which strongly affects works and results of each therapist and healer.

So how to choose your practitioner?

Well, use references of your friends and listen to your gut feeling. Your body and your soul knows what is good for them and they will let you know when asked.


What can you expect from the Quantum healing?

There is only one “right” expectation and it is that you will receive what is best for you at the moment. I am sure you know, that not always what we want is what is best for us. This is why if you come with a very clear image of what you want to get from this healing, you got very good chance to be disappointed.

Let’s have an example. You come with a pain in your hand and you can still feel the pain after the session. Does it mean that the healing was not successful? Well at first sight it might look that way, but the pain in your hand has some reason, might be your lifestyle, psychic problem or most often combination of both. If you go to your GP with this problem, he will most probably prescribe some pills, or cream to suppress the pain, advise you to give your hand some rest and to come again if the pain does not go. Quantum healing works differently, it goes directly to the cause, if there is psychological problem behind your pain it will put a light on it and bring it up to your consciousness so that you can deal with it. And as you do few weeks after the session you can realize that your life has changed, little bit here, little bit there and these changes caused that your pain has completely evaporate.

Not always takes resolution of your problem so long. You have probably heard the term spontaneous healing or spontaneous remission. Present science nor medical world has any reasonable explanation of this phenomenon and yet it has been observed and described by doctors and therapist all over the world. During Quantum healing session spontaneous remission happens quite often. Many of us have already went through enough suffering and took many life lessons related to our illness and now we are ready to receive the healing in its fullness.

The session will balance you, increase the level of your energy and help you to discover causes of your problems and finally help you to get rid of them. Why do I say that it will help you to get rid of your problems and not that it will remove the problem?

Well you are the most important part in the process of your healing. There were times when you could come to the healer and ask him to remove the problem, these times are gone now.  Your participation in the process of your healing is necessary!

We are all responsible for our own health.

How is session the done?

Before the healing I will explain full process and answer all your questions so that you are ready to receive the healing.

The healing itself last cca. 20 -30*minutes. You receive the healing laying down on a comfortable massage table. The only physical contact I will have with you might be initial few minutes when I lay my hands down on your head to help you enter the healing process.  (it is my intuitive choice to do so, and it is not necessary to be done)

For remaining time I will keep the space and connection with the healing energies without touching you. When the time is gone, I will touch you on your shoulder and let you know the healing is over. Then you will have few minutes to integrate your experiences which we can discuss afterwards.

* The time for which you are in contact with the healing frequencies is not important. This process is happening outside of the time and space as we know it. That is why longer does not mean better. You know that quantity can never beat quality. Yet being in contact with these healing frequencies can be very pleasant and therefore the time for session is usually 30 minutes.

How to prepare for the session?

Before you come for the session, please find some quiet time alone and think of your life and troubles which would you like to resolve. It is good to realize what do you expect from the session and ask yourself whether you are ready to receive what the Universe has for you?

During healing you can smell different essences and therefore it is good to avoid using perfumes and strong deodorants so that it is not interfering with your experience.

You are going to be fully clothed (without shoes) so take on some comfortable clothes.

Jewelry, belts, necklaces and other small thing are not any obstacle for these frequencies so there is no need to remove them. I will only ask you to turn off ringing and vibrations of your cell phone, which could disturb you during the healing process.

Am I going to feel something during the process?

It happens very rarely that client does not feel anything, but even then he receives what was most appropriate for him at the moment.

In most cases clients can feel light body movement, little jerks in your limbs or face, you can sense heat or cold in different part of your body, you can experiences rumbles in your belly, waves of energy pouring through your body, you can become very light not feeling the table under you body, or the very opposite your body can become very heavy like being pushed to the table. Some people experience being touched even though nobody’s touching them. You can smell essences, see colors, people and situations from your past might emerge from the depth of your mind. Smile and tears might be natural part of your healing session. Everything is as you need it to experience, nobody is creating and putting any experience on you.

There is nothing what should/should not, must/must not be part of this process. We are all different, every time we undergo this healing we are in different situation and every experience is unique.

Are there any risks?

No healing can be impose upon you and therefore main factor of this healing process is your readiness to receive what is there for you. This is being affected by your conscious agreement and by agreement of your higher self (some call it your guides). Your higher self knows everything about you, about your past and possible future and knows what is most appropriate for you at this very moment.

This makes this healing to be very safe without side effects.

How many sessions will I need?

That is only up to you to decide. The recommendation is to go for 1-3 sessions.

Usually 1 session is fully sufficient. And if you feel that for some reason you have not received everything and that you can benefit from next session you can decide to come for 2nd and 3rd healing. After the 3rd session we recommend to take few weeks even months to fully integrate what have you received before you come for another healing.

Does the Quantum healing work over the distance?

Definitely yes! Distance plays no role in this process. It works exactly the same way with same efficiency as with the personal healing. The benefit is, you can choose your place, save money and time which you would need for your transport! Although this is a great choice to go for, when you are traveling, on your business trip or sick in your bed, I would definitely recommend you to come and receive 1st healing personally. As a mediator of this healing I do not have direct impact on what is happening in the session for you, but I play important role in explaining you the process and helping you to receive the healing. This is best done face to face than on the phone or Skype. After your first session it will be much easier for you to receive the healing in the comfort of your home.

Does the Quantum healing replace traditional medicine?

Definitely NOT! You need to realize that I am “only” mediator (channel) between you and your higher self and Universe. I don’t have direct impact on what is happening in the session for you. And as well I have no tools to diagnose your state. 

Great advantage of Quantum healing is that it can supplement every traditional medication or therapy. And in the case when the traditional medicine has failed it might become the main one. Yet, even in the case of immediate and complete disappearance of your symptoms, it is necessary to confirm your healing with your GP before you stop using your medication or quit your therapy!


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