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Quantum healing Midleton / Cork

    Presently science is being more and more focused on mysteries around human DNA. Many of it’s functions are still well hidden, yet many experiments show that we can (re)program our DNA with our thoughts and that the activity of our DNA is changing in relation to our mental state.

DNA as an antenna

    Our DNA works as an antenna which provides both way communication with our surroundings. It transmits state of our mind/consciousness to our surrounding and brings back setting and energies of our environment. I am sure you can recall days when everything works perfectly for you. You are in good mood, you can do 3 days work load in a day with a smile on your face. People are doing exactly what you need or want them to do. And it feels like you can manage to do everything you want. Btw, when you are at this state you can 😉

    And there comes opposite days when you feel down, powerless, tired, in pain. Nothing goes the way it should. The only people we meet these days are complete ah’s and everything just gets worse and worse…. .

    How is it possible that our body and environment respond to our mind setting so profoundly?

Well, I am sure you already heard the statement that:


    The scheme of your good/bad/ordinary day first appears on your mind and then it is being transmitted into your physical reality through your DNA.

There is no isolation. We are all connected to everything

    Everything is interconnected with everything. That’s how it works. We are permanently being surrounded by energies and particles, bits of information. Most of us still can’t see them, science can’t really prove their existence and measure them and yet they effect us all day long. We can sense their existence by feelings, intuition, visions, and some people are getting more in contact with these and can work with them and use them in they everyday life. These particles/energies carry the information and allow sharing of these information over infinite distances in no time. It means when something happens on the other side of the Earth, the information about this event is immediately available everywhere else. You already heard about telepathy, right? 😉

Quantum world according to physicist Amit Goswami

Revolutionary view on the world around us, spirituality, religions and unlimited potential of every human being…  Dr. Amit Goswami – Quantum World

Quantum healing according to Kryon

Channelled information, about new energies, reality shifts we are experiencing now and latest healing modality “quantum healing”… Quantum Healing by Kryon

Diamond light healing

As we proggress on our spiritual path, we can tap into higher realms of the Universe and learn to bring more powerfull energies and advanced information through our energy field.  The Diamond Light energies become eventually available to everybody who dares to let go of all initiation based healing modalities and step fully into the role of Universal server while undergoing all necesarry cleansing related to work with this high leves of energy…  Diamond Light Healing

Who or what can be healed?

Quantum healing works on everything alive. As well it can be used to improve / clean our environment. Main areas are:

       – people  – animals  – plants

    Well, we can go even further. In quantum physic time and space does not really work the same way as we are used to. Everything what exist (any physical object, animals, people, nature, planets….) carry a quantum informational field which hold information about the object from beginning of its existence to its very end. From these fields we can obtain info’s about our past lives and glimpses of our possible future.

How does Quantum healing work?

    There are so many aspects and levels on which this healing work that it would take long time to mention all of them and explain. So, to make it short I will mention the informational aspect of this work. You know that information make most valuable commodity these days.

“If we knew better our life would be very different today.”

    Nowadays new ways of accessing information are becoming available. And it does not always have to be on a conscious level to have profound effect on our life.

   During quantum healing session, we open up for receiving the info from our quantum informational field. This can contain formulas of your DNA from times when you were healthy and damaged parts of your DNA can be replaced. These are the moment when the miracle of Spontaneous remission occur. Or you can receive information from your past lives which have direct impact on your present troubles. By accessing, realizing and processing these information Karmic cleansing happens and you can step by step disengage from your past and be more present in what is now.

    It is not up to me as a practitioner to decide what needs to be done. My role is to hold the space and allow the healing to happen. It is your intention and permission what allows your Higher Self  (who knows everything about you and your present troubles) to decide what is right for you at this very moment and what kind of healing you receive.

Quantum healing Třebíč

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