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The power of circle

“Since beginning of the time, people would come together and join in the circle. They talked, sang, danced, shared the space and wisdom feeling the power of unity circle brings to them. It is time to bring this powerful ritual back to our everyday life. In the circle we are all equal, we are one, we share our energy, our story, our pain, happiness and wisdom. Together we can do much more than any single one of us alone!



I am leading groups focused on energy-consciousness healing, dealing with emotions, exploring energy background of our world, metaphysics, power of our mind, accessing supermind, moving from linear to conceptual way of thinking and creating in 5th dimension, and much more. Every evening has its topic, yet there is no strict agenda of what needs to happen.

We share the space, energy, we talk and deal with what comes in the moment.

If you would like to share your presence with us, recharge yourself & heal, boost your intuition or just simply relax and be in the space of high energy you are kindly welcome.



Diamond Attunement / Diamond Light Healing

For more information on Diamond Light energy click here.

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We talk about spiritual evolution, practical mysticism, metaphysics and then we do Quantum group healing.

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